Our Outreaches

This is where you’ll find information about all the awesome ministries available at Shining Light Ministries, Inc. If you see this page and it hasn't been updated, a gentle reminder to the church staff at Shining Light Ministries, Inc is in order. Let them know you want to learn more about what is happening at Shining Light Ministries, Inc and how you can get involved.
SLM Youth Center  SLM Youth Center
The SLM Youth Center in Fitchburg opened in July of 2012 by the assistance of the Edward J. Byrne Grant. The center is a safe haven for youth to hang out on Saturday nights from 6-10 PM. After an initial weekend, youth need to sign up for the program to continue attending. Sign ups involve parental consent for us to work with the Fitchburg Public School System, monitoring their grades and attendance to make sure that they are placing a priority on academic ...more

SLM Adopt-A-Block Program  SLM Adopt-A-Block Program
The SLM Adopt-A-Block program, started in February of 2011, is based off of the LA Dream Center Adopt-A-Block program. Our goal is to impact struggling neighborhoods through clean up and community outreach, partnering with Christian churches who desire to be Christ's hands and feet. We are currently working with the Elm Street Community Church to clean up that neighborhood, and we are looking to partner with other churches so that we can begin reaching more neighborhoods for Christ. more

SLM Mentoring Program at WBC  SLM Mentoring Program at WBC
Through the Charles E. Shannon Grant, SLM has partnered with Jasson Guevara to work on mentoring youth and young adults at the Wachusett Boxing Club in Fitchburg. After Jasson spends time mentoring them, he then donates his time to teach them the basics of boxing. This important outreach reaches out to some of the higher risk youth in Fitchburg, keeping them in school and out of gangs.

SLM Dance Outreach  SLM Dance Outreach
The SLM Dance Outreach offers Zumba classes to those who might not be able to afford them otherwise. Girls age 8 -18 are able to enjoy class on Thursday afternoon from 4-5:15 PM at the Elm Street Community Church. This program starts with a mentoring time, then the youth spend an hour getting physically fit through Zumba. Since there were women who were interested, Karen offers the class on Friday Mornings from 10:30-11:30 AM. Classes are held at the church due to the high heating costs ... more

SLM Endurance Ministry  SLM Endurance Ministry
The SLM Endurance Ministry was birthed from an interest in triathlons after Pastor Steve ran his in September. Through the assistance of the Charles E. Shannon Grant, and others, we have been able to purchase Triathlon clothing, with 10 youth, young adults and adults taking part in their first triathlon during 2014. With the assistance of another grant... more

Future Outreaches  Future Outreaches
In 2014, we hope to add a young adult work program teaching carpet-laying and painting. We also plan on working on an inner-city leadership program that will be the foundation of the Life Skills Mentoring Immersion program for young adults. Our hopes for the future beyond 2014 are the following: to offer a Life Skills Mentoring Immersion program for young adults who dropped out of high school or didn’t go to college; to add a food pantry and clothing thrift/swap shop; and to ...  more