The SLM Youth Center

Youth Center open Saturday Nights 6-10 PM

The SLM Youth Center in Fitchburg opened in July of 2012 by the assistance of the Edward J. Byrne Grant.  The center is a safe haven for youth to hang out on Saturday nights from 6-10 PM.  After an initial weekend, youth need to sign up for the program to continue attending.  Sign ups involve parental consent for us to work with the Fitchburg Public School System, monitoring their grades and attendance to make sure that they are placing a priority on academic success.  This is a part of the mentoring that goes on at the center.

Youth are expected to attend one Adopt-A-Block per quarter, learning the importance of community involvement. We have also employed high school and college age students, teaching them good work habits and mentoring skills so that they can work at the center with the youth who attend, as well as youth in their families and neighborhoods.

At the center, we have free WIFI, TV, video games, and snacks.

“We have temporarily moved to the Elm Street Community church as we look for a permanent site, one that will allow us to engage the youth of different backgrounds and passions."

You can also see what is going on at the center by checking out our Facebook page at