The SLM Endurance Ministry

The SLM Endurance Ministry was birthed from an interest in triathlons after Pastor Steve ran his in September.  Through the assistance of the Charles E. Shannon Grant, and others, we have been able to purchase Triathlon clothing, with 10 youth, young adults and adults taking part in their first triathlon during 2014.

With the assistance of another grant, and in partnership with the YMCA, we have worked with dozens of youth and young adults to prepare them to compete in triathlons, 5 K's and 5 Milers.  We use this as a skill to help prepare them to see that they can set and achieve goals.  If you would like more information, please contact Pastor Steve at

This program is also being supported by the Fitchburg Police Department, and we are hoping to get additional funding so that we can get bikes for the youth who are interested in cycling.