Pastor Steve

Steve Mayo, Executive Director
Office Phone: (978) 345-1098
Pastor Steve Mayo is president and one of the founding members of the board of Shining Light Ministries, Inc.  In 2012, he stepped in to fill the role of Executive Director of the Shining Light Youth Center.  Pastor Steve has been working in youth ministry since 1996, and has been serving in the city of Fitchburg since 2004 as lead pastor of the Elm Street Community Church.

The vision for Shining Light Ministries started in 2003, and has blossomed and been adopted by the other members of the board through much prayer.  The needs of the youth and families in Fitchburg and the Twin Cities area go far beyond what the Elm Street Community Church could offer, so the desire is for an outreach that will not only go beyond church walls, but beyond denominational affiliations.

"There is more to being a Christian than preaching.  Sometimes the best witness we can have is showing Christ through our lives, and showing His love through our actions.  I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His willingness to die for me, and look to live my life for Him. The gift of eternal life that He offers is the greatest gift available.  Unfortunately many of the youth we work with have been preached to so much by those not living out their faith that words often hold little meaning until Christ is seen in the life of the one sharing it.  I look forward to sharing Christ through my life, and earning the opportunity to share why I do what I do when asked.  May He make my life one that makes people want to know what makes me different, and may He use my life for HIs glory."